What is Pilates
The Pilates method is a training system elaborated by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of ‘900s He drew his inspiration from old eastern disciplines, like Yoga and Do. In, and he called his method Contrology, refferring to the way the method encourages the use of mind to control muscles. It is a series of exercises concentrating on postural muscles, that is those muscles that help to hold the body balanced and they are essential to support the vertebral column. This method is also recommendedfor postural physio-teraphy. In particular,Pilates exercises let the person be conscious of breathing and the alignement of vertebral column,strenghthening the muscles of the deep level of trunk, so important to help to soothe and prevent a backache. With this training method not only abdominals are strengthened but also the deepest muscolar fascias near the column and round the pelvis. The central point of this method is toning up and strengthening of “Power House”, that is all the muscles connected to trunk:
abdomen, the buttocks, abductors and lumbar area.